What You Know About Micro Organisms And What You Don't Know About Micro Organisms?

First I would like you to have a look on your fingertips. Is it clean? Did you know? Million tiny things are presented in the tip of your finger.
Do you think Bacteria are good? Yes, but no. Some bacteria are really helpful because as we know it digests the food inside our stomach.  Few bacteria help to break down the dead leaves and other things to make soil rich and used a plant to grow. But some bacteria are most dangerous, which will fall us sick. Fungi we are taking in day-day-life. Most of us are fond of Pizza where they sprinkle yeast (mushroom) on top of it. While comparing bacteria and fungi, fungi are easy can be seen, because they are found in colonies. A single drop of water has numerous numbers of tiny particles, micro-organisms. When we look a drop of water, as we see a clear solution but while seeing under a microscope, we can find unique, diverse micro-organisms. It is none other bacteria, protozoans, rotifers, and other common microorganisms which exist everywher…

The story of Pathogenic Bacteria you will never believe these bizarre truths

What is meant by Pathogenic bacteria?
It is a bacterium, which can cause disease. But most bacteria are harmless, some are pathogenic. There is a bacterial disease which has high burdens caused, named as Tuberculosis caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria, which kills 2 million people a year in Africa.We all know each species have different symptoms to indicate that we are been infected and also let us know that we have a disease: /But this pathogenic bacterium doesn’t have any symptoms to shows up its own behaviour.
Where it will mainly get affected? Bacterial vaginosisBacterial meningitisBacterial pneumoniaUrinary tract infectionBacterial gastroenteritisImpetigoErysipelasCellulitis
Treatment It can be treated only with the Antibiotics. Bacteriocidal will kill the bacteria just to prevent bacterial growth.

Prevention: Infections are mostly prevented by sterilizing the skin, piercing it with the needle by proper care.Surgical and dental instruments are sterilized to prevent bacteria.B…

Learn All About Zika Virus

Family Name of Zika Virus: FlaviviridaeZika means “Overgrown”It was first isolated in 1947.It was transmitted primarily by Aedes mosquitoes.First, it was affected in Africa and Asia in April 2015.
In the latest period, everyone came to know so much dangerous caused virus by mosquitoes called Zika virus, where the same mosquitoes causing dengue and dengue and chikungunya This virus is caused mainly due to birth defects and also Guillain-Barre syndrome, where one’s immune systems are attacked by the nerves.
Symptoms of zika virus are joint pain, mild rashes fever, body aches and headache. In some extreme cases, zika virus can cause which may last up to a week is extreme headaches and eye infections. For an instant, if the average normal circumference of a new-born baby is 36 cm, a baby with microcephaly will have a skull size of 20 cm. pregnant women who get infected by zika virus in the first trimester to have babies with an increased incidence of microcephaly.
Diagnosis of zika is dependen…

Immunology of Infection

Immunology is a study of biology that covers the investigation of insusceptible systems in life forms. In regards to infectious disease, it is an “old associate’’ or developing risk, the immune system’s battle against the first line of defence it experiences. The immune system has built up with a number of ways which deals with controlling a viral and bacterial disease which directly kills the pathogen to complex cytokines that hinder replication. Pathogens have encountered by building up of immune evasion mechanisms that repress cytokine work and prevent resistant of tainted cells. With vaccines and effective medications, the immune system’s destroyed the infectious agents or infected cells. When microorganisms invade, their foreign macromolecules are recognized by pattern recognition receptors of the host, which initiate rapid innate immune responses (including phagocytes, cytokines and complement) followed by slower but very specific long-lasting acquired immune responses mediated …

Food Microbiology

A group of organisms, which includes bacteria, yeasts, moulds and parasites, can contaminate food easily. Common foodborne pathogens include Salmonella spp., Cronobacter spp., Campylobacter spp.and Listeria monocytogenes, which can easily capable of causing serious disease outbreaks through contaminated food, as soon as possible it should be detected and treated. We have to monitor the quality indicators, such as Escherichia coli, Listeria spp, yeasts and moulds. A huge variety of technologies are been used to identify these microbes in food, from traditional culture-based methods and molecular detection using polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assays, to increase the sophisticated analytical techniques. The ability which identifies the microorganisms at the genus or species level enables a deeper level of screening the researchers and test manufacturers are finding the advanced technique or methods to do the tests faster with correct accuracy and sensitivity.
Regulations are constantly…

14th International Conference on Infectious Diseases, Prevention and Control

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